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Painting without the mess!


Purepaint Kids is a unique painting app for iPhone & iPad that replicates the feeling of pushing real paint around on a canvas.

From the way the paint volume is conserved, to the way the paint pigments mix together, Purepaint Kids uses cutting-edge simulation and graphics technologies to create the most natural painting experience on a mobile device.

The professional painting app designed for Kids

Simple Interface

Designed specifically for kids, the interface has been cut back to its bare essentials, leaving just a basic palette, the canvas and your child’s imagination.

3D Volumetric Paint

Unlike conventional painting apps that represent paint as a flat abstract 2D grid of coloured pixels, Purepaint Kids represents paint as a 3D volume, which allows the paint to visibly standoff the canvas.

Also, the paint volume is conserved, so paint already on the canvas can be displaced by sweeping the brush across it.

Advanced Real-Time HDR Lighting

With paint being represented as a 3D volume, advanced real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) lighting has been used to produce paintings that pop out of the screen and react dynamically to light changes as you rotate your mobile device.

Subtractive Paint Mixing

Conventional painting apps use the additive RGB model when blending colours together.  The additive RGB model accurately predicts how lights blend together, but not how paints blend together.

Instead, paint pigment mixing is more accurately represented using a subtractive mixing model.  Purepaint Kids uses a custom subtractive paint mixing model, which allows children to correctly learn about the mixing behaviour of paints.